electraform allows you to add as many boards / consumer units as is required - there are no restrictions. In order to do this efficiently, we recommend you bear the following in mind:

  • Before adding multiple boards, count how many you need beforehand to save time  having to remove them later
  • Make a note of what type of boards you need - whether they be three phase or single phase - once the phase arrangement for a board has been set it cannot be changed
  • Make a note of the number of circuits each board needs
  • Make a note of the board names / designations - each board can be given a unique name for ease of navigating around the program

Editing a board

Click the Edit board button - this will open a window like the one below. When you first go to edit a new board, you will need to define the phase arrangement, and how many circuits for this board. In this case, we have chosen three phase, and 12 circuits - resulting in a 36 way board.

Once circuits have been added you will no longer see the pink choose circuit section.

Where the board is supplied from

If this board is supplied from a circuit within the certificate, then follow the instructions in this article for single phase supplies, or this article for three phase supplies -  which will show you how to define a Sub-Main / Distribution Circuit. (We have added another board in this case for demonstration purposes).

If the board is supplied from the Origin, or an Other source NOT referenced in this certificate, then this article will explain how to do this. The image below shows where the Origin and Other options are located. You can enter overcurrent values and test results for the supply circuit if supplied from Origin or Other as shown below.

If the board is supplied from a circuit in this certificate, then the Edit board window will look like the one below. Note that the overcurrent details are not available for you to edit because they will be defined by the circuit that supplies the board. The Origin and Other buttons are also disabled.

Below shows how the board will look if supplied from another circuit

Going back to the Edit board window - enter the other details as required in the form - you can change the name of the board if required.

Finally, choose which engineer has tested this board - the test instruments assigned to that engineer will automatically be pre-filled. Lastly, choose the date from the date picker - or enter a date manually such as 19/10/2019

Click the Update board button - the board will now look like the image below: