electraform allows you to choose the Origin as the supply board, or a board that isn't referenced in this installation - for example: You are working on a board that has numerous boards upstream and you don't want to add all those boards to the certificate prior to this one.

Supply is Origin

If the board you are working on is supplied from the Origin of the installation, i.e. directly from the supplier's cutout then use the 'Origin' button.

You now have the option to enter the supply overcurrent details for this board (highlighted in red), and any test results that are relevant. This option is available because the board may be a distance from the supplier's cutout, and therefore you will have a Zs reading rather than taking the Ze reading as the one for this board.

Supply is Other

If the board you are working in is not connected to the Origin, nor is it connected to any other board or circuit within the certificate - you can add a manual entry using the Other option

When the Other option is ticked, you can enter whatever values you like into the field as shown above. You can also add the overcorrect device details and test results as also shown above.

The details you manually entered are now displayed on the board as shown above.