Any circuit can be used to supply another board or consumer unit, below are the steps needed to ensure all circuit data and test-results are mirrored where necessary. In this example, we will add a new board to the installation, and supply it from a Triple Pole circuit.

Define the phase arrangemnent

First of all you will need to define the circuit and phase arrangement for the supply board, click the Edit Board button -then select the number of phases, and number of circuits. In this case we will end up with a 12 way 3phase board - resulting in 36 ways.

Click the Update button and the circuits section will now look like this:

Make the supply circuit TP

Decide which circuit is to be the supply circuit, and click the hand next to the circuit number - then click the Make Circuit TP button

Click Update circuit and the circuit will now look like this:

Choose the board to be supplied

After you have selected the circuit by clicking the hand to make the circuit row turn pink, click the Create Sub-Main button

Tick the board you want to supply, then click update circuit.

Add the test results for the supply circuit

The circuit details will carry through to the supplied board, so add them now.

Click the Update Circuit button

Add the test results

The test resullts will carry through to the supplied board, so add them now as well.

The supplied board

Now take a look at the supplied board. The supply details have been updated and also the overcurrent device details and test-results we entered previously have been carried through automatically.