Go to the Engineer page

Add a new engineer

To add a new Engineer, click the  New +  button and fill in the form to add your engineer details:

Editing the engineer after adding

Once the engineer has been added, it can now be further edited. The Engineer Information Card (accessed by Clicking the blue   i   icon), displays all the information about the engineer. From here you can change the engineer details, upload a signature and assign test equipment:

Engineer information card

Once opened, the information is shown below - there are two additional sections at the bottom that can be opened by clicking the label on each section:

Uploading a signature

Click the Upload signature button, and navigate to the logo file. Please ensure the logo is a jpg and is less than 64kb, otherwise the image will be rejected.

Assigning test equipment

If you have already added test equipment to the Equipment section, you can now assign it to the engineer - click the Test equipment button, then click Choose Equipment:

Select the item by clicking the tick-box next to it:

When the item has been selected, the screen will now look like this:

Assigning permissions

Every engineer has a default permission set - they can change and select Clients, Installations, Companies and Engineers within certificates that are assigned to them:

To provide further permissions, select them by risking each box:

Sending dashboard access

When you assign certificates to your engineers, they receive an email with a unique dashboard link - to send the link at any time, click the button as shown below:

If for some reason the email doesn't arrive (some email clients such as Hotmail or Yahoo block 3rd party emails), you can copy the URL and send it to the engineer yourself via your own email account or via WhatsApp for example:

Revoking access

Should you need to revoke engineer access, click the red Revoke Engineer Access button - 

The engineer will see a screen like the one below if they try to access their dashboard: