The Certificate Information Card shows various details about the Certificate without you having to open the Certificate. It also allows you to change some aspects of the Certificate that you may not want available to other users such as who the Certificate is assigned to for example. 

To open the card, click the blue information icon next to the Certificate on the Home screen.

 1  Certificate information

This section displays all the main information about the certificate.

 2  Assign to an engineer

Choose from anyone of your engineers and assign this Certificate to them.

 3  Permissions

Open this section to change the permissions for the certificate.

 4  Client

Displays the Client information.

 5  Installation

Displays the Installation information.

 6  Export observations

If the Report has observations, you can export them to an Excel spreadsheet here.

 7  Copy template archive

This section houses these options.

 8  E-Mail options

This section contains options to email yourself, your client, your administrator.

 9  Mail your Client PDF

This feature will send your Client (if they have an email address on file) the PDF of the Certificate.

 9  Notes

This section allows the engineer to communicate notes to the office and vice versa. The section appears at the engineer dashboard too and the yellow icon shows whether notes have been added.